Posted by: caliddle | March 24, 2011

I’m Back!!

I’ve neglected my blog to the point of forgetting my login details. I realised I better get back on some form of routine and build back that motivation I once had to post on my blog with my finding of inspiration and future projects.

So, here we go. In the space of the last blog post to now it’s mostly consisted of me questioning where and why the time is going so quick (?) … But also a time to really reflect on future projects that are in the store for summer 2011.Here is a sneak peak at some designs in progress of an up and coming brand under the name of Fold Apparel. It’s main brand focus is to create a bold image consisting of simple child friendly illustrations for adults apparel garments and accessories with a hopeful progression into children’s apparel.

Short bloggage but plenty more updates on the new projects and Fold’s production process soon.



  1. Loving these Carl. Clap clap.

  2. Hey Carl, good to see you’re back and I love these x

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