Posted by: caliddle | November 21, 2009

Letterpress happy!!

I should really keep up with this blogging malarkey. I keep finding lots of bits & bobs but keep forgetting to share all my inspiration and finds with you guys. I will update on a regular basis from now on though, promise….. I’m finding twitter to be a helpful tool for finding new designers and design studios. Follow me.

I seem to have gone back to my letterpress craze and the obsessive blog browsing is also kicking in, I could seriously browse blogs for days on end but it’s stopping me from doing any of my own work which is in desperate need as i’m feeling very useless without paper, printer ink, pens (they run out before the pen even touches the paper) and a lack of motivation to do my own work…. and also now I lack a letterpress which I am in dire need of or in my case just want, so if anyone wants to buy me one your very much welcome.

Adam Ramerth at Lark designed this unique set of letterpress wedding invitations which I must say go beyond the usual traditional bland choice of wedding stationary. Studio On Fire have also done an amazing job with the letterpress work. Niiiiiice!!



  1. lovely lovely -p i love the pressed lettering and the overlapping colours

  2. these are great! i ❤ em

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