Posted by: caliddle | June 30, 2009

“Guns dont kill people, sneakers do!”

DSC_0153So many things have been started and not finished so its not a surprise that I randomly wanted to illustrate guns and sneakers, hence the title “Guns don’t kill people, sneakers do”.  I must get round to finishing the other projects started in the last couple of months, but I find myself illustrating the most unrelated objects to my concepts that I set myself.  I’ve gone from dollar bills to guns & sneakers…  do these objects have any relation? probably not but I’ve enjoyed illustrating them and that’s all the matters right? In fact I’ll probably just end up blending them all into one concept. Colouring in book for children I’m thinking or even graphics for children’s wear. Sure both of these are slightly controversial but I like it.

Finally I’ve give into this whole Twitter malarkey so if you want to hear from me and read the most random daily quotes (most meaning absolutely nothing) twitter me!



  1. niceeee this like liddle!!!

  2. hey, good to see you’re busy. We doing the leeds Market then? come on , we need motivation!!x

  3. Thanx. YES! We should totally do the leeds one. Thats october right?.. Gives me more than enough time to get some things together. Motivation is definitely in need lol.

  4. i want to do the market also……..ut i thought leeds was a bit scary for me to d it alone…

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