Posted by: caliddle | April 22, 2009


caliddle-rgbYes! So already one whole year of blogging been and gone in what only feels like a matter of months. Also happy one year of blogging to Witchmountain (today) & Lyndsay McBean (for tomorrow I think?) I guess I’ll make some sort of resolution to take me into my second year which could be to update this thing more. Yuuuuuup! I guess this is like a second birthday… Except less exciting of course.

Anywhoooo, thank you for reading guys (whoever you may be) and keep checking back for what I hope will be more exciting things to come in the next year.

Au revoir.



  1. Time flys Carl. Glad to see you got a new post done though. I’m pulling myself together and should be up for visitors and cake soon!!

  2. spazoid. but woah! new post. you took your time (not that i can talk i’ve been pretty slow recently) c ya soon dork… make a me a logo for my new business 😉

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