Posted by: caliddle | March 26, 2009


Here I am Illustrataring away at the computer and just deciding on what to do next. Im still just trying to play about with composition, shape and lots of colour. Heres what I’ve been working on throughout the day…. Oh and he’s called Augustus apparently, Sooo watch Augustus some reason the colours of the design when uploaded seem to differ a little bit so I’ll get back onto that tomorrow, but now I think its time for carrot cake and a fresh brew yuuuuuuuup!



  1. ooh dear he is scary!!

  2. Why is he Augustus?!!! Good to see you managed to get on the computer at last! Anyone going to Newcastle on Saturday?

  3. how can he be scary with the name augustus? he’s a rappin skull. shizzle!

    rachel gave it the name, a little bit gay isn’t it for a rappin skull? what’s in newcastle on saturday? is there an exhibition on?

  4. p.s. aaaah designers marketplace. totally forgot about it.
    i might pop along me thinks, hmmm?

  5. his name is not gay mrliddle!!!! he is loverly and suits his name..he can be a posh rappin skull with manners :)..

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