Posted by: caliddle | March 19, 2009

Lost & found.

Right! So I’m going through all these design websites lately while on the hunt for a design job (Yes still!) and while on the hunt I’m slowly starting to realise that I really need to get my sketch pad out again and start to do some real drawing for a change and mix things up a bit from all this flat illustrator work?.. marcus-crimbo-card4And so hunting for a spare sketchbook after thinking about the whole drawing stuff I came across this little illustration I was given. It’s actually a Christmas card that I received when I was staying in London back in December 06 (god how time flies) whilst working for a textile studio. I loved it at the time, still do but just didn’t know where the hell I had put it but it ended up being in the back of an old wallet.

On the topic of drawing and illustration look at these. Its a little series of illustrations by Laurie Rollitt who worked (or still does work?) for one of my favourite Uk based design studios Peagreen. Niiiiiiiiice!laurie-rollitt-illustration1


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