Posted by: caliddle | March 16, 2009

Cakes are not cakes, there Giant Muffins!

balticBack with another post and yet nothing to report apart from actually making it to the last day of Yoko Ono’s exhibition at the Baltic Museum. Although I wanted to see it so bad & not been able to get tickets to her lecture she gave to the public It wasn’t really what I was expecting from her; although some bits good and some bits bad I got round the installations rather quickly. There was one bit I did like BUT that was mainly thanks to the public who were able to write small notes about their mums and taping them to the wall. My favourite notes being “My mum has Rosy red cheeks like a slapped arse”  & ” My mammy is not open minded to Yoko’s art”…Maybe it was to someone else’s taste.

On the other hand I’m still trying to plod along with this new project and getting some rough sketches together ready to illustrate for some finals. Although the ideas are very clear in my head they don’t seem to go down onto paper very well or as good as I thought, but that’s always the case isn’t it?

P.S. Go over and look at my Online Portfolio if you haven’t already.


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