Posted by: caliddle | November 25, 2008

Carl Anthony Liddle BA Hons…

YES!!!…. That’s right, Thursday was graduation day for Teesside university/CCAD students and it was quite a bizarre day, but we all looked well dapper in our cap and gowns I have to say. It was nice to see some old face, well it’s only been 4 months since seeing them but it really does feel so much longer than that. They wasn’t really much talk about design jobs but I’m sure we are all still hunting for them which appears very far away at this moment in time, but I remain positive even when you hear absolutely nothing from any of the many jobs I have applied for so far, but its still early days I guess….. Also I want to congratulate Kim for selling her 1st collection of work in the US this last week so woooooooo!! Good on ya Kim :]

Right I’m back to the job hunting and more importantly my cup of tea.

P.S. Heres a few sites that I’ve been enjoying lately,

>>> The Cool Hunter . Serial Cut . In Black We Trust . Julien Vallée & Emil Kozak <<<




  1. Thanks Carl. I wish I’d come to the graduation, it would have been good to see everyone.
    Anyway, keep on searching for that job you deserve, and keep drawing!!x

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