Posted by: caliddle | November 1, 2008

guess what…

I guess an update is well over-due and that don’t mean to say that I’ve been as busy as I should have been in the space of the last post, but I have been making the effort to get out and do some more gallery visits like I made a promise I would do as I was slacking a little..

Sooo on Monday 20th me and Kym went to quite an interesting talk at Dance City in Newcastle by Ali McAuley and Paul Simmons who are more famously known as design duo Timorous Beasties, and it was nice to know the ins and outs of how they struggled to get their name out into the industry in the early 90’s and how they have become to establish their business to what it is today.timorous_beasties_decouper31 Also I finally got myself to the Baltic Centre to see some amazing work and installments by Yoshitomo Nara and Graf which is a part of their on going A to Z project which Nara has been developing since 2003. Also showing at the Baltic was quite a bizarre (and dangerous) installment by Steve McQueen which you are advised to allow your eyes to adjust to complete darkness before walking round his work or else you’ll end up walking into mirrored walls like myself and as I prevented Kym from doing also.

Anyways its back to job hunting for me and just I was about to send CV’s out to a few companies by the good old post my printer decided to run out of black ink on me, so while I wait for ink to arrive I guess I better keep hunting for more places to send my CV out to.



  1. What no update?! Have a good time at the Graduation ceremony tomorrow, say Hi to everyone for me…kind of wish I was going now, oh well.x

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