Posted by: caliddle | September 10, 2008

Mary Emma Hawthorne

So I received an email from one of my good little finds I made back in June 2006, it was an e-mail from Mary Emma Hawthorne an amazing artist from Texas. She e-mailed to inform all her subscribers that she had created a brand spanking new website with a whole new collection of work. It really is worth a look especially her older stuff as well as the new stuff, they really does seem to be something really delicate and amazing about her work which I can not help but look at over and over again.untitled-13untitled-32untitled-42untitled-22I remember back in 2006 when discovering her work by pure luck I e-mailed her just to complement her work and basically let her know what I thought about everything that she had posted on her website at the time and I actually received a reply thanking me for all the complements. So yeah, just thought I’d share that with you because I thought it was nice of her to take the time out and reply to this quite frankly random e-mail from me, so thank you Mary ;]

also I came across another blogger who also featured Mary’s work and who used the phrase “if you cant see the beuty in Mary’s bird boxes then you are probably quite angry and sick of life” I dont know but I kind of liked it, or am I the only one?!



  1. ooooo swit swoo carl!

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