Posted by: caliddle | September 7, 2008

why dont you post no more?

Just to keep the posts coming while I enjoy a fresh cup of rosie lee.

so the lack of posts is making me feel really guilty but I haven’t really had that much to say these days as I still have to get myself a design job and they are many options out there for me but its that fact that these jobs I’m liking are far from where I live and with the graduate disease I call “mafundsalow” I know for certain that I’m not going to be able to go to the places I’m wanting to for a while so its just a case of holding on for now.

On the other hand I’ve been far from motivated and I have to say that the thought of not going back to uni has officially just came to my attention once again, which is still to me pretty scary. Sooooo with this sudden lack of motivation I have been hunting the web for some inspiration and came across some pretty nice blogs and sites all from Pride Paranoia’s blog which he/she/they briefly review within their own blog.



  1. Yay! Carl’s back! Keep motivated my dear, its hard I know but its our only hope! Come and visit soon with lyndsay and co. we can have motivation session.x

  2. im back for sure.
    i’ve been telling lyndsay to get our selfs up to the mountain but she just cant help but put all these hours in at work.
    we’ll be coming to see you soon though im sure of it.

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