Posted by: caliddle | July 21, 2008


So I haven’t updated in a while which never seems to surprise me, but I just can’t keep up with Kim and lyndsay‘s blogging obsessions. Anywaaaaaaays….

So New Designers in London has been and gone for sure now, so it’s down to working out what I do from here all on my own. I got some interest in my work but what I did get I thought was pretty good. Its a shame that you can never seem to get hold of them even though they seemed so interested in the work at the time, never mind. Meanwhile I’m just passing the time doing some work experience with a small local eco fashion company designing a range of t-shirt prints ready to go on sale for a future design market. With little materials and equipment to work with though I’m finding the restrictions very difficult to get motivated. Instead of silk screen printed we’ve opted for a range of stencil printing, although it’s a time consuming process it’s actually proven fairly successful so far. Another 40 more designs to go……..

I’ll post photos of the project and its progress later on in the week when I’m next in the studio. Below I have posted images from a past post titled Minor Project: Eco Friendly Concept. Here the designs and their product boards are posted in full size.



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