Posted by: caliddle | June 14, 2008

CCAD class of 2008 showcase packs

Its almost the end of the degree show, but they is still one last day to visit if you haven’t already. All details as to where the exhibition is being held is listed in my last post.

anyways moving on…. I have finally got hold of some of the shots of our promotional packs, so thanks to Tubbyphunk (Bob Page) who approached us when we were in the need of something different in the way that the packs were presented. We all opted for an eco/recycled approach in terms in which the showcase sleves were made out of. Each sleve (430 to be precise) were all individually hand printed making each and everyone unique. They all consist of 36 show cards which promote the course of study and all 35 students work, who most of will be attentding this years New Designers which is held at the Business Design Center, Islington, London. Im hoping that with all the hard work that was put into making the packs all attention will be on our stand this year.



  1. Nice new banner Carl.Hope you’re looking forward to New Designers.x

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