Posted by: caliddle | May 1, 2008

Minor project: Eco Friendly Concept

So today I was thinking it was about time that I sorted some of my own work and post it on here like I intended to in the first place, soooooo I’ve gone and done exactly that and hunted through some of my old work while my current work for my final major project of uni is still in progress. I’ve taken a selection of designs form my minor project 2007 and placed them alongside some of my product boards which go alongside the designs to show possibilities of how each design is intended to be used.

The whole project was to take into consideration the whole trend of eco friendliness that has take off considerably over the years and became an importance to many people’s lives. From this I wanted to develop the concept and combine designs that illustrate what you would associate with being familiar objects of eco friendliness. So the idea continued to develop till I gathered a good selection of illustrations that varied from the objects that are the cause of these negative changes to the objects that are now the cause of positive changes on the environment and the illustrations to show the things that are being affected by these negative changes.


I will add larger imagery of the designs and product boards for you to view once I figure out why it wont let me upload jpegs….


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