Posted by: caliddle | August 9, 2011

Fold – Update

It’s been a while as my procrastination seems to get the better of me sometimes, but things are slowly being managed and new work is in the process as I’ve previously mentioned on the last post. I never quite seem to get my head around how long it takes to fulfil a project from start to finish, never mind a new business and a whole collection of new illustrations for posters and a apparel range..

With things looking a little more promising I’ve been working on new projects with a local charity, slowly building on the business and looking at some new swanky studio space for a hopeful move in the next couple of months if all plans out as expected.

Now back to illustrator, music, tweeting and an endless stream of food and tea.

Posted by: caliddle | March 24, 2011

I’m Back!!

I’ve neglected my blog to the point of forgetting my login details. I realised I better get back on some form of routine and build back that motivation I once had to post on my blog with my finding of inspiration and future projects.

So, here we go. In the space of the last blog post to now it’s mostly consisted of me questioning where and why the time is going so quick (?) … But also a time to really reflect on future projects that are in the store for summer 2011.Here is a sneak peak at some designs in progress of an up and coming brand under the name of Fold Apparel. It’s main brand focus is to create a bold image consisting of simple child friendly illustrations for adults apparel garments and accessories with a hopeful progression into children’s apparel.

Short bloggage but plenty more updates on the new projects and Fold’s production process soon.

Posted by: caliddle | August 3, 2010


An outing over the weekend lead me to some shots from my (fake) Lomo camera. I do have a Holga, but this app gives just as good results and plus I prefer thee more instant photography.

Posted by: caliddle | July 14, 2010

Sneaky Peek

I tend not to babble on like your reading the worlds worst diary entry, sooo just a close sneak peek at some of the illustration I’ve been continuing lately. I have a lot of projects planned over the course of this year and some covering longer if all goes to plan. I shall not brag about them now but I will notify you as they happen and become more of a reality but it’s all at the very early stages and a long way to becoming a product(s)

Posted by: caliddle | June 30, 2010

Friendly Fire

As usual I come across this problem with whatever I design. Originally planning out a colour palette that I like and then last minute I come across ten different colour ways, making the decision of what to print that little extra difficult. Or do I just go ahead and print them all? Probably the easier but most expensive decision.


Posted by: caliddle | June 16, 2010

Market and a illustration headache

So next month see’s the return of the traveling Designers Marketplace after its successful stint as a Pop-Up shop. So while I hype myself up for it’s return I’m progressing no further with and ongoing illustrator problem and feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, but I shall not give up and be defeated and lose two years of illustrator files that now don’t like opening.S0 new projects on the go as well as a slow progression of old concepts as mentioned previously. Hopefully some of these will soon lead to an apparel range for children and if successful I’ll be working on separate concepts to produce a men and woman’s range of apparel illustrations. So with motivation raring to go it’s time to get ideas onto paper/screen…. pen to paper/eyes on screen?….

Posted by: caliddle | May 28, 2010

Cleveland College of Art & Design 2010 Show

Posted by: caliddle | May 23, 2010

Creatively thinking.

So I’m back in track, full of ideas and motivation.  After a strange motivational streak of 5-6 weeks form my new temp job at a local university I’m finding it easier to regain the motivation I seem to had lost, so I’ve been going back on random designs that I’ve kind of left behind in a trail of destruction of unfinished projects and thinking it might be possible to combine all illustrations into one concept … or even better, start a fresh?….

Maybe I won’t start a fresh but I’m going to be working back over into projects that are unfinished and bring them more up to date adding new illustrations and ideas into the concepts. Ive taken the day to illustrate a new logo for my ghetto, rapping skull that I’ve previously posted about in another blog post. This feels like a good opportunity to add new ideas to old concepts and some new.

Posted by: caliddle | May 6, 2010

The Complex of All of These / Creating a Book

Posted by: caliddle | April 27, 2010

Bye bye …

So last Monday night seen the end to Designers Marketplace Pop-Up Shop and it went out with a bit of a creative bang. Lots of drawing was involved with an organized drawing collaboration with The Wednesday Project, Chickadee, The Cloud Commission, Audrey Newhouse, Tubbyphunk and photography by Michael Gamble . It was a good opportunity to have a good old natter, swap contacts, draw on walls, drink lots of tea and eat cake. Nothing more you can ask for really.The shop still remains but with all stock removed making way for artist in residence Surface//Philia (Helen Stevens, Designers Marketplace Founder/Organizer) She’ll be playing artist in residence until the end of May as part of the We Are Open empty shop exhibition space. More details of this can be found at Surface//Philia’s Facebook page.

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